The Emotional Side Of Business

Part of what makes Her Corner such a special place is that from the moment you walk in the door, everyone kind of just “gets” you. We don’t have to pretend or posture or try to relate to others. Generally, we all relate to one another really quickly. Especially when it comes to being business owners.

This leads to some pretty honest and raw questions and conversations. And recently I had one that has stuck with me, and I wanted to share why.

The question itself was pretty straightforward:


At first, it seemed like a simple answer: the business owner was a creative service provider and, inevitably, her style will not always be everyone’s style. She should just brush it off and walk away.

But the question ran deeper than that.

The real question was how to deal with that kind of rejection from an emotional perspective. She was asking us not to brush it off and tell her to just suck it up. She wanted help with how she was feeling, and ideas for what to do about it.

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