Madison Hunter Agency launches Womynomics Ventures. The first all-female Venture fund founded by women for women. Womynomics is dedicated to developing a sustainable economy that supports and empowers an underserved demographic – Black Women Entrepreneurs

Lory D. George

Investing In Her Future

Who we are

Womynomics is a venture capital firm that is determined to help black women rise. It is a company made by black women for black women.

Whether you are here for it or not female entrepreneurship is on the rise. Women everywhere are beginning to start businesses. Thus, empowering themselves to do great things and create an impact in the world. Moreover, the face of female entrepreneurship is becoming a lot less white, with more women of color venturing into entrepreneurship Did you know that black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US. Yes! Black women are launching businesses all over the country, at an impressive rate and we are here for it. The new wave of change can be attributed to the few brave souls who are determined to build their business from the ground up or are helping other brave women forge their path. Unfortunately, things are not always that simple for black women.

Black female entrepreneurs to date are constantly plagued with the same old isms such as racism and sexism that have historically slowed or worse, stopped them from climbing the corporate ladder. It is for this reason we created Womynomics to help black female entrepreneurs achieve their vision despite all the challenges and hurdles trying to hold them down.

What we do

One of the biggest challenges facing black entrepreneurs everywhere is the lack of capital. The truth of the matter is, for the success of any business, capital is paramount. Start a new business is an exciting process, but unfortunately, it needs money to achieve its full potential. You might have the greatest idea in the world with a well-thought-out business plan. However, if you do not have enough financing then it is likely your business is doomed even before it had the chance to stretch its wings.

Regrettably, most black women entrepreneurs lack the resources and capital needed to run successful businesses. Not only do black women have to face gender bias when trying to obtain capital for their concepts, but they also face racial discrimination when it comes to gaining capital for their businesses. According to statistics, black women only receive a paltry 0.2% of the total venture capital funding. This is what we are hoping to change at Womynomics.

We believe in the black woman and her determination to rise above. It is, for this reason, we venture funds that invest in black women entrepreneurs to help them bring their concept to life. Thus if you are a black woman with a great idea and are looking for seed capital we are the team for you. We want to stop the narrative of a black woman having to quit her business because of a lack of funds. Furthermore, we have created a community and resource center where black entrepreneurs can come together and pick up tips and information that will help them conquer the business world.


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